What is embodied enquiry?

In the midst of all the trying to fix ourselves, to improve our lives, what if we just stopped and listened? What is our body saying to us right now? What parts of our psychology are managing our lives, or wanting to be heard?

Put simply, enquiry means asking questions. In this work the questions have a particular focus, they aim to bring attention to one’s present moment experience.

Embodied means with awareness of what is happening in the body. Feeling the specifics of what is happening in our body is not something we are generally trained to do. So, in this approach we give time and attention to focussing awareness on the body. Many disciplines and practices do this, for example yoga, feldenkrais, movement and dance. In this work the difference is that we integrate body awareness with meditation and one to one enquiry.

We are not trying to get rid of thought or thinking, but rebalance its role. In the enquiry process we aim to include awareness of body feeling and the linked psychological parts that are arising in our thoughts and feelings.

The other aspect of embodied enquiry that is important is the relationship. Just as a good coach or therapist does, I aim to be authentically present. In embodied enquiry sessions and in groups, I travel the journey. I see myself as a facilitator who holds the space, supporting an understanding of internal personal processes, as well as a wider sense of the field and the group.

About me

Like many people I grew up with little connection to my body or emotions. I always thought there has to be something else beyond a conventional life of home and work, and believed I would find the solution “out there”.

With the loving and inspired input of my teachers, I have been gently turned around to understand that what I am seeking is already here. There is nothing at all to change, nothing. And by quietening that outward-seeking urge, it is possible to relax into the present moment. To feel the support that is already here, in our own bodies and beings, and in the wider consciousness that we are all part of, whether we recognise it or not.

I have worked with some loving, committed wonderful teachers in exploring meditation, movement and embodiment. And in a ‘parallel life’ I worked in local government and then consultancy, advocating and supporting positive social and environmental change. In this life, I qualified and worked as a trainer, facilitator and coach. I have recently completed the Stepping Stones  training in Internal Family Systems (IFS) which is a powerful support in the process of personal and spiritual exploration.  I can now say my work is IFS informed!

Gerard has an unusual gift, an intuitive, skilled sensitivity that has made me aware & awake of how I am with myself, and how to resource with the tools Gerard intuitively offers, and this is the best gift ever. I find Gerard’s approach life-transforming and “welcoming “and what an honour it is and privilege to be a client of Gerard

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Sharing, sitting with, moving, sharing -this combination of speaking, meditation, movement facilitates processing on the mental, emotional and physical level. I am amazed how quickly the tears come - and with that - relief and lightness!