Live your life more fully by listening to your body

Live your life more fully by listening to your body

Welcome – if you have landed on this site,  it may be you are searching for something in your life.

Maybe you have done an eight-week mindfulness course, or already have a regular meditation practice. Maybe you have experienced feelings of connection or openness in your practice which just seem to disappear when you get to work or have an argument with your partner.

It may be that you are feeling stressed or challenged in your life, relationship or work.  That you always feel that you are trying to get to somewhere and are never happy with just being here, where you are.

What I offer is a way to live fully in the face of these challenges through opening up to what your body is telling you. You may not like what your body is saying, but nothing will change until you listen to it. To listen to your body requires that you accept yourself exactly as you are.  Whether or not you already practice meditation or mindfulness, I work with you to be present in your body, in your life.  To lovingly accept yourself in all your glorious and gory shades and qualities.

I love to work in this way, because being present is a central commitment in my life. It is inspiring to be with clients and together open the resources that already exist, here and now.   It is endlessly nourishing to drop into the truth of presence.

However, that is not to say that it has come naturally or easily to me.  Like many people I grew up with little connection to my body or emotions. I always thought there has to be something else beyond a conventional life of home and work, and believed I would find the solution “out there”. With the loving and inspired input of my teachers, I have been gently turned around to understand that the answer is in being more fully in my work and my family life. I have started to listen to its wisdom. It is the experience of that journey that I am offering.

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Unlock the wisdom of your body


I can support you to be with change and challenge in your life, career or relationship.
Email me or call today on 07866 361111 to find out more.
I work with organisations, groups and individuals in Devon, South West and nationwide.

An accredited* coach, trainer and professional group facilitator, I bring thirty years experience and a passion for self and team development.

My approach is strongly informed by my personal mindfulness and self enquiry practice.

Not to be confused with therapy or counselling, mindfulness based coaching focuses on the present moment, rather than the past. Coaching is non-directive and follows the client’s agenda. By working together, we can open up the resources already present to build a  clear & sustainable vision for the future.

*Practitioner Coach Diploma awarded by Noble Manhattan Coaching Ltd), accredited with the International Institute of Coaching and Mentoring. (Accredited Practitioner Coach – APC)

Gerard showed genuine engagement, sensitivity and rare perception during our coaching sessions. I would recommend him unhesitatingly to anyone looking to understand and transform their life.

Francis, Finance Manager

Gerard brings discretion, intelligence and compassion into enabling a gentle unravelling of situations and emotions which sometimes clog our working lives. With his experience, empathy and inquiry Gerard helps us see what’s really going on.

Jill, Head Teacher

Gerard brings something particular to his sessions. This is a sensitivity and perceptiveness that can lead you down unexpected avenues but ultimately to a real understanding of and commitment to the way ahead.

Rachel, Events Organiser

Gerard was an invaluable support in expanding and focusing my business. He has a talent for understanding and navigating the big picture while being able to hone in on the unexplored issues.

Katheryn, consultant & facilitator